Hello everyone, I’m Marshall Evans and welcome to AestheticGuys.com. I love fitness so I spend years searching for training and nutrition tips to get in shape. I really want to share my experiences and all my tips for anyone who cares about this area, that’s why I started Aestheticguys.com in 2017. Through the blog, I will have a chance to write about everything I want to share with you guys to make you love fitness more and help you get an aesthetic body.


My Goal And Objectives

My life purpose is to help people who desire to get in shape and healthier fulfill their dream. I know that most of you guys are not a professional bodybuilders or lifters, just like, so we’re all busy with our jobs. But that’s not the end of everything, I believe that with all the training/nutrition tips and advice in my blog, you can shorten your path to an aesthetic and healthy body.For anyone who can’t really afford to go to the gym, I’ll also recommend gym equipment and other stuff which help you along your journey.

My Story

I can completely understand that nowadays, there are so many things distracting us from getting healthy and fit such as the social media, our jobs, fast food, and so on. However, I want you guys to be determined and consistent with what you’re doing, working hard, and success will come.

You know what? I’m have been an office worker for 4 years and sitting behind the desk all day made me too lazy to work out. However, if I say that my job is the cause of my unhealthy lifestyle, that will be the most stupid excuse I’ve ever made. Don’t you tell me that you don’t have enough time to go the gym or anything like that? Honestly, if you are not a really busy guy and still want to use that as an excuse, then your priorities may be not in the right place yet.

5 years ago, I was over 220 lbs and that was too heavy for a six-foot guy like me. It took me 3 years to figure out that I could not keep living the same life over and over. And I realized what I needed to change and do for my life so I don’t you guys to waste your time like I did.

Remember that nothing can stop us from getting fitter and leaner, and having a healthy lifestyle. And as people said, fitness is not something that can be achieved in one, it’s a way of your life and a part of your lifestyle. I will be very glad to be with you on this amazing journey. What do you think? If you feel you need to change your body right now, don’t hesitate to contact me. I promise with everything I’ve gained including all my knowledge and experience about health and fitness, I will not let you down.

If you have any questions or need some fitness advices, don't hesitate to contact me.

I promise to try my best to help you out. Have a nice day! 🙂