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Hello everyone, I’m Marshall Evans and welcome to I love fitness so I spent years searching for training and nutrition tips to get in shape. I really want to share my experiences and all my tips with anyone who cares about health and fitness, that’s why I started in 2017. Through the blog, I will have a chance to write about everything I want to share with you guys to make you love fitness more and help you get an aesthetic body.

hex press
Nov 14

Hex Press – An Alternative For The Bench Press You Should Be Doing

By Marshall Evans | Exercises & Tips , Training

Actually, you can’t just stick to only one exercise and expect to obtain a jacked and well-rounded chest. By that I mean it’s important to change up our chest training. You may notice that a lot of weightlifters train not only with compound lifts like but also with isolation ones. Therefore, if you want to bring your chest workout to a higher level, you need to change things up. As you’ve probably guessed, I want to introduce you to the dumbbell hex press.

In fact, the hex press or squeeze press is one of the most rarely used chest exercises that deserve way more attention. To be honest, if you are a serious lifter or anyone who wants to increase your bench press, this exercise is the way to go.

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best recumbent bike for senior
Nov 01

How To Choose The Best Recumbent Bike For Seniors

By Marshall Evans | Uncategorized

You’re in your 50s and still want to work out but you can’t determine an acceptable exercise plan? Well, of course, you’re too old for heavy compound lifts such as the squat and deadlift. Actually, strength lifting or HIIT is still beneficial but those kinds of training are not really suitable for seniors. In fact, steady-state cardio is much safer and helpful for seniors. In this case, a recumbent bike is one of the best cardio equipment options. In this article, I’ll help you choose the best recumbent bike for seniors and I’ll also review the 5 best products in the market.

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how to romanian deadlift
Oct 23

How To Romanian Deadlift: Let’s Get Your Hamstring Fired Up

By Marshall Evans | Exercises & Tips , Training , Training For Bulding Muscle , Uncategorized

You may have heard of the conventional deadlift which is very common in both powerlifting and bodybuilding. However, have you ever heard of the Romanian deadlift- one of the deadlift variations? Let’s face it, this exercise is not the best when it comes to building strength. However, if you’re looking for a movement that is effective in targeting the hamstrings and importantly, safer, go for this deadlift variation. Now, read on to find out how to Romanian deadlift properly.

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best power rack
Oct 08

Best Power Rack For Squats

By Marshall Evans | Fitness Stuff , Gym Equipment

If you are a gym-goer, then you must be familiar with power racks. Generally, this is one of the pieces of gym equipment that people stick with most. That’s the reason why it’s not rare for you to see them in both home gym and commercial gym. Today, I’ll explain why this piece of exercise equipment can take your own gym to a higher level. And at the end of the article, I’ll show you how to choose the best power rack for your gym.

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best powerlifting belts
Oct 03

The Best Powerlifting Belts Reviews: A Solution For Deadlift Back Pain

By Marshall Evans | Fitness Stuff , Gym Gear

Weight training, like any other form of physical activities, always carries some risk with it. Even if you have practiced perfect form over and over again, when pushing your body to the limits, something can still go wrong. Especially when it comes to the big lifts such as squat and deadlift, you can wreck yourself up pretty bad. So if you are going to put some serious weight on that bar, do yourself a favor and put on a powerlifting belt. If you are confused about which one to choose, here’s a quick review on the 3 best powerlifting belts.

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best hand grip strengthener
Sep 27

How To Choose The Best Hand Grip Strengthener For A Weak Grip

By Marshall Evans | Fitness Stuff , Gym Gear

I believe that most of you are quite familiar with hand grip strengtheners and to be honest, these little things can provide great benefits. Actually, everyone can use them. For examples, they are essential for those who usually practice a sport. Remember that things like weight training, fitness, martial arts, and basketball require great power in your hands. Therefore, in this article, I’ll show you how to choose the best hand grip strengthener for better performance.

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best deadlift shoes
Sep 23

What Are The Best Deadlift Shoes For Maximum Performance?

By Marshall Evans | Fitness Stuff , Gym Gear

The deadlift is one of the most difficult and challenging lifts in weight training. There are a lot of things to consider in this movement such as core engagement, shoulder retraction, foot position and so on. However, besides that, you should determine which shoes to wear. I’m pretty sure that most of you have ever done squats or deadlifts in running shoes. That is a big mistake, so if you’re one of them, fix it right now. And if you’re looking for the best deadlift shoes, then you’ve just come to the right place.

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back squat vs front squat
Sep 18

Back Squat Vs Front Squat: Which One Is More Effective For Your Leg Workouts?

By Marshall Evans | Exercises & Tips , Training

When it comes to these 2 exercises, most lifters choose the barbell back squat rather than the front squat. Actually, there are some reasons for that but you know, it doesn’t mean that the front squat is bad for your training. This is why I will break down these 2 exercises and evaluate the benefits as well as risks of Back squat vs front squat. So keep reading to determine which is right for you

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high bar vs low bar squats
Sep 13

High-bar Vs Low-bar Squats: Which Version Is Better For Your Body?

By Marshall Evans | Exercises & Tips , Training

As you already know, the squat is one of the most common and helpful compound lifts which utilize more than 1 joint. When doing this movement, you’re likely to focus on important things such as our back, hips, knees, and ankles, right? But really, have you ever thought about the bar position? Believe me, what you do with the bar is just as important as what you do with your body. So, high-bar vs low-bar squats, which one is your best choice? If you don’t what to do with the bar, just scroll down and read.

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best weight lifting belt
Sep 08

What Is The Best Weight Lifting Belt 2017?

By Marshall Evans | Fitness Stuff , Gym Gear

When it comes to working out, including weight lifting or powerlifting, a lot of lifters, whether amateur or professional, use weight lifting belts. They are a very useful piece of equipment for everyone. In general, a weight lifting belt not only ensures your back safety but also improves your performance. However, just like other gear, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing the best weight lifting belt. But if you don’t know how, don’t worry because I’ll help you in this article, so just read on.

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