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Hello everyone, I’m Marshall Evans and welcome to I love fitness so I spent years searching for training and nutrition tips to get in shape. I really want to share my experiences and all my tips with anyone who cares about health and fitness, that’s why I started in 2017. Through the blog, I will have a chance to write about everything I want to share with you guys to make you love fitness more and help you get an aesthetic body.

elbow pain from lifting
Jul 05

Elbow Pain From Lifting – The Best 8 Treatments For A Better Recovery

By Marshall Evans | Exercises & Tips , Training

Have you ever had elbow pain from lifting before? If you’ve had that kind of pain before, you must have known what it feels like. Trust me, it is extremely bad when you can’t do most exercises, especially ones related to the upper body. Even when it comes to daily routines and activities, it’s very difficult for you. So, what should you do to treat the pain? Let’s find down with me in this article.

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dumbell bench press benefits
Jun 29

Dumbbell Bench Press Benefits That Will Make You Rethink This Exercise

By Marshall Evans | Exercises & Tips , Training

Generally, when it comes to bench press, you and most lifters will think about the barbell bench press, right? Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of the greatest for not only chest muscles but also power development ever. However, dumbbell bench press is also an essential chest exercise. That’s why today, I’ll share with you dumbbell bench press benefits that will definitely make you add it to your workout routine.

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best adjustable weight bench
Jun 24

Best Adjustable Weight Bench For Multiple Exercises And Buying Guide

By Marshall Evans | Fitness Stuff , Gym Equipment

Are you looking for an adjustable bench to complete your home gym or simply replace your current bench with a more solid one? Well, you’ve just come to the right place. In this article, I will show you how to choose the best adjustable weight bench for your workout routine. Besides, at the end of the article, there are the 5 best product reviews so you can choose what is the most suitable for your fitness goals.

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best elbow compression sleeves
Jun 22

5 Best Elbow Compression Sleeves 2017 – Best Friend Of Your Elbows

By Marshall Evans | Fitness Stuff , Gym Gear

Overall, elbows are very important joints in your body. However, most people don’t seem to care much about that, even when it comes to weight training or contact sports. Trust me, I’ve already experienced elbow pain and it definitely wasn’t a good memory at all.

Therefore, if you are taking part in a sport requiring repetitive arm motions, then look for the best elbow compression sleeves. But you don’t know where to start, do you? Well, that’s fine, just read and you will know what to do.

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elbow strengthening exercises
Jun 19

Elbow Strengthening Exercises For A Better Performance

By Marshall Evans | Exercises & Tips , Training

When it comes to weight lifting, most of you may immediately think about hitting the gym and lifting heavy weights as much as possible. It is a total mistake because building muscle is important, but it’s not everything. Actually, it’s important to take care of your joints and your elbow. It is also one of the most sensitive to injury. That’s why in this article, I’ll show you 5 elbow strengthening exercises which can help improve your weight lifting performance.

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Jun 18

5 Best Exercise Balls That Make Your Workout More Interesting

By Marshall Evans | Fitness Stuff , Gym Equipment

Have you ever walked in the gym and wondered why there are some stupid giant rubber balls? Well, they are exercise balls and they are not as useless as you thought. In fact, they are a great addition to your workout routine, no matter which type of trainers you are. However, choosing the right ball is not always easy for everyone as there are some factors to consider. Don’t worry, in this article, I’ll bring you the 5 best exercise balls and show you how to buy one.

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